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Beijing Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy (hereinafter referred to as CKWA or the school) would like to remind parents/guardians to read the following content carefully, and make sure that you know and understand all the following items before submitting your application:

1. 家长/监护人应知晓,在申请及入学过程中,您向朝阳凯文提供的所有信息,包括但不限于申请表、其他补充材料及任何其他的证明材料等,均是准确、真实、完整的。如果学校发现家长/监护人提交的相关信息存在虚假记载、误导性陈述、错误等不实情形,学校有权保留终止学生申请、入学的权利,不退还已支付的申请费用。所产生的其他费用按照《北京市朝阳区凯文学校费用政策》执行退费。
Parents/guardians should be aware that all the information you provide to the school, including but not limited to application form, supplementary materials and any other supporting materials, should be accurate, authentic and complete. If the school finds any false or fake record, misleading statement or mistakes in relevant information submitted by parents/guardians, the school reserves the right to terminate the application and enrolment of the students without refunding the paid application fee. Other fee generated will be refunded based on Beijing Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy Fee Policy.
2. 家长/监护人应知晓,朝阳凯文有权从相关渠道核实您提供的相关申请信息。学校将妥善保存您报名过程中提交的相关信息以及朝阳凯文从其他渠道核实的相关信息,并对此信息保密。
Parents/guardians should be aware that CKWA reserves the right to use other relevant channels to verify the application information you provided to the school. The school will carefully file the relevant information that parents submitted for application registration as well as the information verified by CKWA from other channels and keep them confidential.
3. 家长/监护人应知晓,若您的孩子选择朝阳凯文就读,您需要按照朝阳凯文的付款通知载明的金额、缴费时间等付清所有相关费用。
Parents/guardians should be aware that if your child chooses to enroll in CKWA, you should pay all relevant fee in time according to the amount and deadline written in the payment notice of the school.
4. 家长/监护人应知晓,在校期间,作为家长/监护人您应有责任为您的子女投保最新的综合健康保险。
Parents/guardians should be aware that while your child is at school, as parents or guardians you have the accountability to buy the latest comprehensive health insurance for your kids.
5. 家长/监护人应知晓,孩子的主要联系人为孩子父母或法定监护人,如您已登记的联系方式后续发生变更,请您务必第一时间通知学校。我们将在收到您的变更信息后及时为您做变更。
Parents/guardians should be aware that the key contact persons of the children should be their parents or legal guardians. If you have changed the contact information you registered at the school, please inform the school as soon as possible by emailing to We will make changes for you as soon as we receive your notifications.

Thank you again for choosing Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy! CKWA will grow with you all the way along!